Baker Marquart defends clients nationwide in law enforcement and regulatory investigations, trials, and appeals in all types of state and federal cases. We regularly handle cases involving the FBI, SEC, CFTC, the Department of Justice, and state and local prosecutors all around the country. Partner Brian Klein heads the firm’s criminal and regulatory defense practice, which has a significant emphasis in the areas of fraud, securities, healthcare, and financial technology (including cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICOs).

We have extensive experience guiding people and companies (including successful entrepreneurs and professionals, iconoclastic companies, celebrities, and high-profile start-ups) through challenges of criminal investigations and trials. For example, the firm successfully defended Cesar Millan (the “Dog Whisperer”) when the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Control and District Attorney’s Office investigated allegations of animal abuse tied to one of Mr. Millan’s television shows. The authorities ultimately concluded Mr. Millan did nothing wrong and did not bring any charges.

We have successfully defended clients in cutting-edge prosecutions, including those involving drones and cryptocurrency. The firm, for example, has repeatedly talked law enforcement out of proceeding with charges in cases involving bitcoins. We have a deep history of tackling the hardest issues, and we are known as relentless advocates for our clients.

Much of our criminal defense work leads to favorable resolutions before anything becomes public or goes to trial. When it is in our clients’ best interests, we work to minimize their exposure through discreet and productive negotiations with government officials. We often persuade law enforcement and regulators to not bring criminal charges and other sanctions, including monetary ones. When trial is in our clients’ best interests, we rely on our extensive trial experience and zealous advocacy to pursue an acquittal or dismissal. We advocate forcefully for our clients in whatever venue they find themselves.

Here are some public cases of note:

  • In the matter of: Erik T. Voorhees, Administrative Proceeding File No. 3-15902, 2014 WL 2465620 (S.E.C., June 3, 2014) (First SEC settlement for unregistered cryptocurrency securities offering)
  • United States of America v. Wagner, 14-CR-398-WJM (D. Colo.) (Dismissal of case, unlicensed money transmittal charge, before trial)
  • People v. Dr. Robert Fenton, Case No. 17CF0798 (Orange County Sup. Ct.) (One of the largest healthcare cases in California in 2017)
  • United States of America v. Ong, 17-191-RSL(W.D.Wa.) (Client pleaded guilty to unlicensed money transmittal and received a sentence of time-served for the 20-days he was in detention awaiting bail before the firm represented him)
  • United States of America v. Davis, et al., 13-CR-950-JMF (S.D.N.Y.) (Last Silk Road defendant)
  • United States of America v. Murgio, et al., 15-CR-769-AJN, 2016 WL 5107128 (S.D.N.Y., Sept. 19, 2016) (Landmark unlicensed money transmittal case)