Whether your dispute involves a large, publicly traded company, a deadlocked closely-held startup, or a corporate divorce in a family partnership, Baker Marquart has the experience and skills to solve your particular problem. We have represented minority shareholders in proxy fights over publicly-traded firms, and we have also advised management and defended against minority shareholder disputes brought against large firms. We have brought and defended complicated shareholder derivative suits, where a sophisticated understanding of intricate filing requirements and pre-filing formalities can bring about an early life or death to a dispute. We have also handled deadlocked close corporations and partnerships on the brink of dissolving.

When issues of control and shareholder rights arise, a keen understanding of corporate governance law and an ear tuned to the ever-particular facts of your situation are paramount. Like no other dispute, a corporate governance dispute requires that your counsel listen closely to how you got here and thoroughly review your corporate history, from founding to the present dispute. Understanding your problem from all angles and assessing every possible outcome at the outset are essential to avoiding mistakes and missteps. Creative solutions and opportunities arise at all stages of a corporate governance dispute, and you need counsel who can find out what matters most and formulate creative solutions for each moment. Circumstances change quickly, allegiances shift, and new problems emerge. A dynamic approach is critical. This is where Baker Marquart excels.